It was on the afternoon I ate the bodie of christ

Nothing to do on a Friday afternoon no plans no homework no nothing

So there I sat and waited for something anything

Nothing came so I went out to get my books

Saw two of my neighbors but said nothing because during this ride anything

can come out

I didn’t feel any change once I went in and out of the bookstore

When I returned I put on a movie and I slowly felt happiness

The kind of happiness I remember feeling when playing with my legos

back in that boring colored empty home

After a while I decided to go out for a walk in town with my mask on so I can hide my unsmiling smile

Once my foot hit the street I could only hear

The man-made automobiles

The birds native to the land

The rain water flowing down into the man-made gutter

And the people’s footsteps

Going dun thun dun thun dun thun

Then after getting a cup of coffee and learning about why they asked

“What kind of medium do I want?”

A question created by the ignoranus caffinee junkies

I was now close to home

During this time going up G street a cop slowly drives next to me and I

look back at him and he drives off a bit faster


Then as I made the corner from G street and 11th street

I spotted a woman walking down G street ahead of me barefoot and shivering

As I made my right turn to 11th street two women standing outside their cars

Turn to me as the barefoot woman screams


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