38,388: Lebron James Makes History!

Just a kid from Akron, Ohio.

With all the expectations of the world on his shoulders, straight from high school to the NBA, has set the NBA all-time scoring record. A feat we won’t see for another forty years if not ever. Just to give you a bit of perspective the next two active players that are closest are free agent Carmelo Anthony behind by ten thousand points, and Kevin Durant behind by twelve thousand points. I don’t see either of these players playing longevity to give them close to the opportunity to break this record.
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The craziest thing about this is Lebron is still playing at a level where he could continue to play for years to come–if he wanted to plenty of suiters to keep him on the court scoring points for their franchise. Consistency, longevity and hard work are the pillars that have carried Lebron through his career. Three franchises, twenty years, four championships, and an enormous number of accolades to go with it.

Im glad to have witnessed this towering record fall.

Yet again in a Los Angeles Laker uniform, Kareem and Lebron are two of the best to ever do it. Kareem was there at home vs. Oklahoma City to see the torch get passed from one inspiring individual to another. Tickets were being sold at amounts of ninety-thousand dollars a seat. Trying to catch a glimpse of Lebron’s greatness optimizing itself with a fade away two point shot, to reach that long awaited milestone.

Everything was expected of him, and he has succeeded and surpassed all of them congratulations.

38,388. you truly are the king.

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