4 dead at Cook’s Corner in Orange County

On August 25, retired Ventura Police Department Sergeant John Snowling, 59, opened fire on nine victims killing four, leaving six injured and his ex-wife in critical condition at Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon. 

Snowling arrived armed with a .380 pistol, .38 revolver, .25 pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun. 

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said in a press conference this afternoon, “We are still processing the crime scene and will probably be doing that into tomorrow.” 

At 7:04 p.m, 911 dispatchers received calls from people reporting a shooting from Cook’s Corner. Deputies from OCSD arrived at the scene two minutes later. The suspect began opening fire at the deputies with a shotgun. Deputies began closing in, leading to a deputy killing the gunman. 

While the motive still hasn’t been confirmed according to OCSD, Sheriff Barnes says that “We believe that he traveled from Ohio with an ongoing dispute regarding the separation/pending divorce with his wife.” 

Witnesses said that Snowling entered Cook’s Corner with two, walked towards his wife and shot her and her dinner guest and other patrons of the bar. He then made his way out of the bar shooting at more people and headed up to the upper parking lot where Snowling parked his truck to retrieve his third handgun and shotgun. 

A man was shot by Snowling trying to confront him, returned back to the bar and succumbed to his wound. 

Sheriff Barnes asks patrons who were present at Cook’s Corner to call (714) 647-7000 to get their statements to an investigator. 

Orange County Supervisor Donald P. Wagner during the press conference encouraged those affected by the shooting or have problems with mental health to contact OC Navigators Crisis Support line (855) 625-4657.

“All patients are stable with two in critical condition and one patient was released from the hospital,” said Tetsuya Takeuchi, trauma medical director at Providence Mission Hospital.

Snowling’s weapons during the shooting were purchased legally.

A search was conducted at Snowling’s residence in Camarillo on August 24; what was found has yet to be released at the time of writing this.

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