A Midnight Darkness, A Broken Dream

He was awake too. She could tell by the quiet susurrus that was made when he ran his hand through his hair, something that he had done for as long as she knew him. She didn’t move, simply continued to lie on her stomach. It was the only position she could fall asleep in.

Another stir next to her. Briefly she opened her eyes-just a squint, so that he wouldn’t know she was awake as well-and watched him sit up on the bed, leaning his back against the wall.

She wasn’t surprised that neither of them was asleep. She had warned him beforehand, while she was taking out a second blanket for him, that they wouldn’t be able to fall asleep together. Sharing a bed, even with a loved one, wasn’t the most comfortable of affairs-something that both of them knew from experience. Still he had insisted, and she had obliged. They had lost so much sleep around each other already; what was another night?

She heard him sigh, then saw that he had turned to look at her. She couldn’t see his eyes in the dark, only the outline of his form, a silhouette with silver edges, lit from the moonlight that shone in from the window. For a moment he did nothing.

Then he reached a hand out towards her.

She didn’t panic, although apprehension had started to lap at her heart. It was to be expected, right? She knew that it wasn’t beyond him to take advantage of her when she’s asleep. And he did love to touch her. A lot.

As the hand came closer she chose to lay still, and slipped her eyes shut completely. What part of her would he touch? She wondered. Her ass, that looked so good whenever she slipped on that pair of leather pants that wasn’t hers? Or would he run a hand along her naked thigh, peeking out from her blanket, something she had once caught him staring at with a voracious hunger? Maybe he might even slip a hand into her shirt, to fondle her breasts, terribly meretricious assets on her. Or maybe even up her leg, past her inner thigh, and touch her there

But his hand came nowhere near her expectations. He simply placed a hand over hers, and gave a gentle squeeze. Then he let go and settled back in next to her, and the silent night resumed.

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