Amazon buying Whole Foods? United Food Workers Union joins the #resistance

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union has joined the #resistance against Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods.
“No employment decreases are arranged because of the arrangement,” a delegate said when Amazon disclosed the news – Amazon rebuts preemptive strikes
Marc Perrone, leader of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union is concerned the arrangement would give the Web titan an “unjustifiable favorable position with providers,” which could make little and medium shops bankrupt and climb up costs for customers — a result of restricted rivalry
I have concerns, and our association has worries, about what innovation does and at what cost to society,” and We would prefer not to be Luddites about innovation, yet we have genuine worries about what happens to America later on – Perrone
The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union has approximately 1.3 million represented members working for retailers at a an average $18 per hour including benefits.
Worker’s organizations aren’t the main individuals apprehensive about the potential marriage. Legislators have raised issues with the merger. A week ago, Rep. David N. Cicilline (D-R.I.), requested a hearing by the Judiciary Committee’s antitrust board. In his letter, he argues the board should investigate how such a move would influence the eventual fate of markets and costs.
What then of Whole Foods improving shareholder return by moving its food sourcing away from nearby, a more costly ecosystem, and instead purchasing from bigger suppliers.
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