‘Apache Girl’ at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival

‘Apache Girl‘ is a short film that has been garnering quite a few nominations and wins in the International film festival circuit. It has won honors such as “Best Human Rights Film” from the New York-Tri State International Film Festival. Now it has arrived at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival to share the story of two brave Apache women Lozen and Dahteste.

Lozen and Dahteste 2

This short motion picture pays homage to two female Apache Warriors and their struggle against United States government in the late 1800s in Southern Arizona and New Mexico. Two women rise to defend their tribe against the unconscionable acts that Native Americans endured at the time; trying to to prevent the loss of lives and the loss of their heritage.

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Award winning writer and director Richard Pines takes you on a visual journey of the Southwest while award winning actress Imelda Palicbar takes the viewers on an emotional journey playing both Lozen and Dahteste on screen.

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Imelda Palicbar

Come watch the spiritual journey of Apache Girl at Howard Hughes Cinemark 18XD on June 19 at 2 pm during the Marine Del Rey Film Festival. Purchase tickets at

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Screening of Apache Girl at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival, Sunday, June 19, 2:00 p.m., Cinemark 18XD Promenade at Howard Hughes Center

“The Marina del Rey Film Festival was created in 2012 as an independent film festival on the westside of Los Angeles. Jon Gursha and Peter Greene worked the international markets for independent film distribution.  During this time they created the Marina del Rey Film Festival to make a world class independent film festival for independent filmmakers. The idea started on a flight back from the European Markets and festivals in 2011 the festival was born. The Marina del Rey Film Festival was founded by Jon Gursha and Peter Greene.”

-Our Story….’Marina Del Rey Film Festival’


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