Avengers. Age of Ultron. A no BS review

Avengers Age of Ultron
If you love movies that are constructed around bad one liners, confuse swagger for action, have high school kid with a MacBook special effects, has no tension or awe, a paint by the numbers story arc, superheroes sporting bad toupees and emotionial scenes that aren’t…
then run, don’t walk to see the Avengers the Age of Ultron.
I wish someone would have slapped the 15 dollars out of my hands while I was on line to get a ticket.
A NO BS review of Avengers the Age of Ultron by me
This movie is horrible. If you are seeing it because some anonymous review of it said it was thrilling, or edge of your seat excitement or some other bullshit then you are an idiot and after you see the movie you should jump off a building cos thats what your friends are doing and you should always do what they are doing.
I think the story was developed like this. Josh Whedon the movie’s writer director comes up with a fancy quip “bet you didn’t see that coming” (such a stupid quip in such a stupid movie) and then gives a few 5 year old some crayons and tells them to write the story, all the while taunting them and making them cry.
So if your also the type of person that likes to see movies written by child laborers thru their tears, you should get on line and get yourself a ticket.
Hopefully some good Samaritan will slap the money outta your hand first. It might be me.

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