Chargers vs Jaguars, and learning from that loss.

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What a roller coaster of emotions for Justin Herbert’s first taste of NFL playoff football. I know me personally I was watching the game and posting on my social media pages my autographed Asante Samuel Jr. jersey shouting “that’s my guy right there.” Now fast forward to the end of the game, so angry at certain situations that transpired through the game that I’m looking at some players contracts and wondering when we can get rid of them along with some coaching staff. The worst pain and loss that I’ve felt as a fan over the course of the last 25 years of me watching football. Granted I’m 31 and was only three when we lost in our lone Superbowl appearance, but nothing comes close to this loss right here.

27-7 at the half. What in the hell happened? A rookie coach getting outcoached? An offensive coordinator that ever since the forty niners game has been stale and unimaginative when it comes to second half offense? A defense switching from man defense to a vast majority of zone? All these things point to one thing, we started to play it safe instead of continuing to push the ball and be aggressive with scoring.

Timidness loses you games, and as soon as a well-adjusted coach on the other side can see that your cooked. They know your scared of losing and if they have enough time on the board, they just have to play smart, and you can overcome a three-score deficit with those changes. Anyway, you wrap up this postseason game we got outplayed. Simply put we got outplayed. They played us in the second half exactly how we played them in the first half, with aggressive passion.

No game ever comes down to one play, one missed tackle, one missed penalty, but the simple reality is no game in the history of football has ever been determined by one play in a game. sixty minutes of game play determine the end of the game. Effort every second of every minute of that sixty-minute game clock. Anyone who ever says otherwise is just filled loser’s lament. You can’t take the loss and simple understanding that your team got beat, instead you throw the blame off to a specific event that your team got screwed on, or one of my favorites saying the National Football League is scripted or rigged. Grow up swallow that loss and let it ignite the fire for next season. Build from it, learn from it, grow from it.

As an organization we must learn and build from this.

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