Christianity: Panicked Prayers of Fear-Driven Americans

MESA COLLEGE, SAN DIEGO – A huge, god-fearing sign held by an outraged old timer spouting rants of today’s young generation all doomed to an eternity toilet-side to Satan broke my usual routine of attending class.

     I was ten minutes late to Western Civilization but I didn’t seem to care. I blended into the growing crowd hugely huddled around the bad vibrations radiating from the horse-mouth of this irrational creature. The enormous white sign, connected to a six-foot wooden cylinder that rested in a cleverly fashioned holster on his belt, listed some hell-worthy trespasses that would seem up to date in a cheesy 1950s projector-made film of “How to Go to Heaven” made by the same clueless degenerates who came up with safety instructions to surviving a nuclear bomb blast. It included the so-called sins like “dope-fiends”, “pre-marital sex”, “swearing”…you get the idea.

     The crowd of young people was stirred but it didn’t resort to violence, at least not yet. The heat of the sun didn’t help the agitation of us all and the three policemen to the side laughed to their own peanut gallery commentary with their arms crossed over their dry-cleaned uniforms while the crude retaliate comments from my peers escalated. I soon expected this man to be hospitalized by the time this thing was finished, and probably a few deaths due to trampling and built-up hostility. If a representative from this all-forgiving god stirs up this sort of conflict, then I am not convinced.

     The radical, young Christ groupies to my left gathered on the lunch benches and screamed out their support for this man. This struck a sense of panic and concern through my young, American heart. This is the age of Fear.

Where people can’t get on a plane without mentally interrogating some poor Jewish man on his way to celebrate Hannukah with his family during vacation time. Where Americans have resorted to sleeping with the King James bible under their pillow next to nine millimeters of metal-geared firepower; non-hesitant to put a bullet in anyone bearing beliefs under a foreign god, or gods. This man holding a sin-filled sign telling me I will be the one going to hell with no guilt of his own to plead makes me wonder how many others are doing the same thing. This, to me, signified the recetly heightened faith-rate in Americans, who didn’t really care for church sermons before, instigated by the thought that they might be blown to pieces in a routine plane ride now that the western world is no longer invincible.

Yes, that’s true faith isn’t it, folks? Repenting to your ignored god now because the security warning level of our nation has risen to Red?

     Americans should take a deep breath and step back to see the bigger picture, or else this fear instilled into our nation will cause religion to interchange with the idea of Patriotism and the political system itself, more so than it has already. Fear turns into resentment, and resentment turns into hate leading to the mentality that the dry sport of baseball, apple pie, closed ports to immigrants, and country music are solely what represent America. This is the same mentality that, not too long ago, dressed as deranged ghosts, dragged freed slaves and their families from their homes and hanged them from Southern tree branches.

     Beware. It won’t be long until the raving irrational freaks like this one, poisoning our place of study, won’t think twice about shooting you like a broken horse if you try to replace guns with books, or religion with reason, or television with knowledge and truth. Well, that’s it. Anything more said here and goons will be after me like raged collection agencies banging with hockey sticks at your front door. Shed the fear.


By: Brent Smith

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