Counter Intelligence

Religion and government are areas of great interest to me.  Would it be too much to ask to discern them?

I came up with a definition for religion in my own words that I think is relatively fair.  Religion is a form attitude regarding the deity.  As it turns out, I also came up with a definition for government in my own words that I think serves it just.  Government is the operation of command in a partnership.

I think the two overlap in many respects, specifically the deity of religion and the operation of command in a government.  If one is religious, the deity is the operation of command.  How does a government maintain its secularity?

The government maintains its secularity by being comprised of a partnership.

The partnership of course is between the people and those that rule, or administer authority.  The problem though however is that the object in both cases of the partnership is the same entity.  The object is the people.

People that rule are citizens, and citizens are also the people that rule.

Therefore, the distinction between government and religion is purely intellectual.  In other words, there really is no theoretical distinction.

It’s just on paper.

Religion is simply a form of attitude about government, unless of course the government is willing to concede that it is not the absolute power.  If the government is willing to concede that it is not the absolute power, there is room for interpretation of fact, reality, and truth.  Intelligence is purely subjective.

What I would have hoped to accomplish here in this short excerpt is to roughly point out that there is room for a country’s citizens to construct their own theoretically religious doctrines and exercise them.  If the government wishes to remain secular though however, they must honor any and

every constitutive point.   A government that wishes to rebuke and terminate

the legitimacy of a religious virtue is by no means in any sense of the word secular.  Therefore, I find it within my religious rights, because it is my form of attitude regarding the deity, a non governmental deity, to proclaim:

The people who run this country are the biggest imbeciles on the face of the earth.  They are unwise, unenlightened, racist technocrats.  It makes me sick to consider myself one of them.  Saying that however makes me cherish my constitutional rights to do just that.

I have established the space.  I have opened the space.  I have crawled inside the space.  I am protecting my space.  The difference between the government and religion is purely intellectual.  There is no objectivity behind it.  It’s just intelligence, one more way to control thought, as is this essay.  It bothers me.  It bothers me that there is no objectivity behind the intelligence that governs our constitutional principles.  Just as long as it maintains order, it is fine with me.  It raises an interesting point though.  Is our entire being just regulated by intellectual principle and counter intelligence?

Surely, much can be said for housing structures, food, technological gadgets, and transportation vehicles, but are they are they really making any kind of difference?  Does the method behind the madness lead to anything legitimate?  I guess that’s what faith is all about.


By: Sean Benhabib

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