Destroy education and you destroy resistance. Iraq

George W Bush is back, he is a cute guy, making funny faces at ball games and having difficulty putting on his rain slicker at an inauguration.He is adorable! (How many staffers behind the scenes created those scenes so we could serendipitously see it endlessly looping in mass media?)
But, it is not just good ole W. who has returned home like Lassie, the idiots who lied us into Iraq and coerced us into giving them trillions of dollars are also back in vogue. They are given authority and free rein on TV news, print, social media. They have been rewritten as elder statesmen.
I am older and some things are lost in my closet. I archived the post below years ago, it was kept in my bookmarks and then filed into a folder, and that folder had more folders. This weekend I finally cracked that vault.
Start with this brilliant post embedded below and connect dots to present times.
Tyrannies always turn inwards…

Global Research
Iraq had a Long Tradition as a Center of Higher Learning: How America’s War Destroyed Iraq’s Universities The political scientist Mark Duffield has observed that the effect of Western intervention in Iraq has actually been to “demodernize” that country.[2] This is ironic given that the military campaigns against Iraq and Afghanistan have been accompanied by narratives of the West’s obligation to modernize backward nations.


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