Disappointment Haunted All Our Dreams

After a disappointing game against an injured and battered Cowboys team we headed to Kansas City to take on a beatable cheifs team. Just like the Cowboys game we had every opportunity to beat this team. Yet another game of bad game decisions and bad coaching.

One of the biggest woes that the team is going through that a lot of people fail to mention is we are still without Corey Linsley our pro bowl center. This affects the run game and the passing game incredibly so. Will Clapp is a great backup center but he’s no Corey Linsley. Because of this we haven’t been able to get our running game up to par even with the return of star running back Austin Ekeler.

Our defense has been great up front but ridiculous mistakes by our secondary such as unintelligent playing leading to avoidable penalties and gross negligence in coverage has caused us to lose games. This comes down to playing intelligence and coaching schemes.

For Staley to be such a genius minded head coach we are not seeing any ingenuity nor are we seeing creativity to combat short pass offenses or the deep ball play. Something that Staley should be able to accomplish at a far better rate than he currently is. Our corners could be playing better but again I think that portion comes down to the coaching and their inability to adjust to offensive schemes throughout games.

This Sunday we play the Chicago bears at Sofi Stadium for Sunday Night Football. Staley is very much in the hot seat. With the trade deadline fast approaching, I don’t see the Chargers making any moves at all. If the Chargers lose this Sunday, there will be a press conference Monday morning that Brandon Staley has been fired. He’s losing the locker room if he hasn’t already, and the fans are getting fed up. sitting at two and four is not what the team was expecting going into this season and if we can’t get it done playing one of the worst teams in the league then it is time for him to go. Granted doing a mid-season coaching change never ends well it would give management the opportunity to give OC Kellen Moore a chance to see what he’s worth, if he has what it takes to be a head coach in the league or if he can at least step up enough to where we keep him on as offensive coordinator next year.

Herbert is young but he isn’t getting any younger. we can’t be paying this young man all this money but at the same time be wasting his time. I love the idea of Harbaugh coming from Michigan also because he was a part of the greatest QB room of all time with Brees, Rivers, Flutie, and Harbaugh. He was able to take Kaepernick and the Niners to the Superbowl, he has the ability and creativeness to be able to take our boys to the big dance. Change is coming one way or another, either Staley is able to change his habits or change at head coach will be coming. I love my Bolts and support no matter what, but we shall see what happens this Sunday night against the Chicago Bears.

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