Effects of Meditation:

Why does your mind jump from one state of mind to another? Is there any way to control it? Find more aspects of meditation…

 In times of stress we find that we can hardly concentrate. This results in restlessness and we soon get exhausted. Meditation, in contrast to this directionless activity, helps us to overcome this restlessness by keeping the mind on the target object of concentration.

Meditation has varied helpful activities. The process of meditation helps us to act as a witness. When we sit for meditation many thoughts appear in our mind. Many ideas float to the surface layer of our consciousness but if we take up the attitude of a witness and cultivate the habit of studying all that are passing through our mind, we derive peace. We merely observe those thoughts and react to them. This is a very helpful advantage of meditation.

We have to learn through meditation how to let things go. Usually for those who are not in the habit of meditation, react passively or violently as soon as a negative thought comes to their minds. In that way they become prone to nervous tension. But meditation helps these negative thoughts to subside down and reduces our psychological stress.

Another effect of meditation is that we become aware of a peaceful state which emanates from within. It helps us to attain a calm state, totally free from any kind of tension. Once we achieve this state we are powered by tranquility that helps us to meet all the challenges that come to us during the course of day.

There is no fix time or place for meditation. Even if we have stress in workplace; where it becomes difficult to keep our cool, a few minutes of meditation does the miracle. The question that automatically creeps into the mind is: “Is it possible to meditate while working?” We should close our eyes simply and visualize the presence of the God in the core of our heart. This also helps us realize the true self. Then all work becomes worship and adoration.

Swami Vivekananda, an authority on Meditation held the idea that we should tell everybody that they are divine. Then our whole life gets divinised. Instead of a wrong fragmented attitude towards life we get a synoptic view of the world. This meditation will help our lives become sublime, meaningful and successful.

By: Supatra Chowdhury

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