Facebook. The profitable intelligence agency

What do all those people in the CIA, NSA and every other Get Smart agency do all day? Can’t almost the entire thing be cardboard boxed up and sent home.
Isn’t Facebook already doing ***almost*** all of whatever the Get Smart’s presumably do? Best of all, Facebook is profitable. They are doing all the splendid spying and meddling in political affairs, but add to that menace that they are also showing cute puppy videos and serving up ads.
The future is almost here…
Changi airport in Singapore is using facial recognition technology to offer complete self-service options. Automated systems will need to partner with Facebook, the owner of the best facial recognition AIs available and the biggest and best datasets to build with.
Facebook has 7,500 low paid subcontractors (human bots) reading posts and private messages to find and delete content they deem objectionable and ban the people who post it. However, these folks are just temporary employees. The turking intelligence system uses the subcontractors to train their AI bot replacements. The goal is to build AIs that can read posts and messages to identify objectionable content to do what the human team is already doing, but on a global scale.  AIs that can identify violent imagery and extremist symbols in videos and pictures and rapidly delete them or block their upload. 
If you can be seen by a camera, you will be known. Facebook will add a pervasive physical surveillance to their platform spook systems such as voice, email, chat.
Wow, that’s a nice shirt, what else does it do? This new capability will make it possible to deploy a cognitive sensor network that will:
“know” who everyone in an urban area is (if you ever had a picture taken, it will likely “know” who you are),
simultaneously track where everyone in a city is (and has been), and
understand what everyone in the city is doing (from voice to behavior capture/analysis).
Further, this network will learn.  It will get continuously better with experience.
It will also be proactive.  For example, if it finds a gap in its coverage, it can actively move cognitive sensors to cover the gap (even penetrating structures to gather information).
A complete social graph.  A real-time census of every living person in the worldFacebook has replaced the media as the gatekeeper and the shaper of national and global public opinion.  Facebook will use AIs to subtly block, blur or bury fake or objectionable information and conversations while promoting those they approve of #Zuckerberg2020
AIs built using real-time and detailed social graph information could become better at detecting violent behavior better than human analysts.  It won’t matter if the attackers were using Facebook or Google, the ripples from their actions on adjacent social networks will be more than enough to detect them.  Pushing this forward even further, as the data flows and the depth of the information increases, how far down in the stack of violence could these AIs prove to be effective?
The Facebook graph will use environmental signals to understand and predict the actions of independent agents (each with their own decision-making process). Sometimes it will be wrong. Oops!
“Daddy, today in history we learned about this thing that people had called a social security number.” Facebook is getting close to being able to create a global ID for everyone on the planet.  It’s not a bit of paper or something you put in your wallet.  It’ll be passive.  It’ll replace your passport and driver’s license, it will be with you where you go.
Facebook. A profitable intel agency with cute puppy videos and serves ads

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