Farmer’s Markets an LA Tradition – Fresh Goods in January

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Above is a farmer’s market I came across in the Santa Monica Area this past Wednesday. Many local vendors and farmers gathered to sell tons of goods.

For me, this was shocking. As I walked the streets of Los Angeles, I came across plenty of farmers’ markets tucked between alleys and clustered with tons of people. Looking around, fresh veggies and other goods surrounded me.

As a Midwesterner, farming sort of ended once Winter came around. But, being that it is in the 70s in Los Angeles when it is 30 degrees in my hometown, it made me realize I am in such a different place. As if I didn’t know by now.

This may seem unnotable for some people, but it was such an exciting thing for me to see. Throughout the summer back home, I worked at the farmer’s market with a local farmer. Many farmers depended on those days for sales. They loved to get their brand out there and be experienced by others.

It seems to me thatthe farmers’ market clearly brought the community together. People gathered with their family and friends while visiting the area. Smiles were everywhere. I’ve never seen a community so happy. Though the work was long and tiring, the crowd made it worth it.

Seeing the farmers’ markets in the area as a customer was such a different experience. Let alone, in the middle of January. The farmers’ markets here can exist year-round, which is amazing for the community and the environment. It’s so much better to support local and eat local, so the markets check those boxes.

If you want to visit the California farmers’ markets, a quick “farmers’ markets near me” Google search is the right move for you. Help the environment and the local economy in one trip, and be a-maize-ing!

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