GLAUDI by JOHANA HERNANDEZ: Los Angeles Fashion Week 2023 Bridal Collection

Beverly Hills, California – On March 25. GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez’s latest wedding line stomped the runway at the Beverly Hills Canon Gardens. The theme of the event was well planned and ready to dress the next anticipated 2023 bridal season.

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Not only did the event highlight the designer and her designs, but it highlighted Woman’s Month. Successful women lead a panel, dressed in Johana Hernandez’s deigns of power suits that highlighted the curves and sharp lines that we women carry. Sorry not sorry.

The panel of woman who run this world were Linda Duncombe, Executive Vice President of City National Bank; Kika Rocha, Director of Beauty and Fashion Magazine en Español; Iva Colter, PHD, Vice President of talent acquisition, Netflix; Lili Rosse, 3x Mayor of Beverly Hills and Liliana Perez, Director of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles Chargers.

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The lavish event was complete with several vendors such as VECHOS which served taste size papusas and croquettes. Champagne and different flavors of “Aguas” refreshed guests helped to cleanse their palates.

Whether it be from the pressure of bridal season coming up, with a huge wedge unto those of whom have not yet put a ring on it or the pleasure, in which other was, have, the show in all flowed with more than different feelings. Much more than the long trains that were beautifully showcased and handsewn, bedazzled and sheer.

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GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez displayed an array of well-structured designs by Hernandez and her specialized and talented crew. On another note, which is not to dismantle the construction of Hernandez’s construction crew, nor their talent, but the fit on many of models that walked down the runway; there were noticeable fit adjustments that should have been put into place. 

I understand from an editor’s standpoint that there is a small gap of time when it comes to the editing of one’s work. I get it. There were noticeable designs that can and I’m sure will be tuned to upon a request to highlight the designer’s work and craft.

I would personally request to have several of Hernandez’s creations and designs custom tailored for myself.

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With the upcoming bridal season fast approaching, this collection by Hernandez probably broke hearts that were not going to be able to wear such gorgeous garments for this 2023 bridal season. To see such a beautiful collection stampeding–with a promise of a heart-based love affair–created a line that those in attendance appreciated their impending wedding or pointed out their lack of one, GLAUDI worked it.

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