I am 1%er. I am not angry. I am voting #Sanders #Trump Here’s why

Before I begin reading any article about politics I look to the author information. Who are they and what is their bias. Here is me and mine:
I was born and raised in NYC. My mother was a probation officer for Kings County and then Queens. Her compassion was my compass. I started working on Wall Street at a young age. Between then and now is 30 years. I am a registered Democrat. I have a good view of the visible part of the political iceberg and the largest part beneath the surface. I have given and raised a lot for the Dems and I truly know the system. I voted for both Bill and Hillary Clinton twice. I voted for Obama two times. Many of my friends have run for office, some have lost, some have won. 
Everyone needs to operate from a theory, its flexible but frames an outlook. This is mine:
We have a big problem with unfunded debt obligations. There are trillions that are not part of the annual budget. I am not a cynical person. But, if you have a big mortgage balloon payment coming due, is it cynical to say ‘I’ve got a big balloon payment coming due?’
We have extraordinary changes ahead. Defaults in municipal bonds, in Puerto Rico and Detroit, bankruptcies in health care exchanges, record profits for large companies but low productivity and wages.
There will be unpleasant changes that will be forced into Medicaid, Medicaid and Social Security.
The Fed has pushed Trillions of dollars into  the economy. As the economy move downward the Fed is constrained in how to respond to a recession.
We will be seeing a downturn soon. Large companies have been reporting record profits but those have the result of cost cutting measures, now they have no levers and we will begin to see downward earnings cycles begin. New car sales are down, good leading indicator.
I am writing this for me. Its me screaming at the TV pundits in my head.
This election is a disgrace. This is a twitter bot, Media creating a narrative, voter suppression, paid riots, cheating delegates, third world fixed election type shit. Republucans didn;t even have a primary or Caucus in Colorado, instead the party bosses allocated the delegates, and of course Trump got none, they all went to Cruz.
I was an American before I was a Democrat. I will not vote for Hillary. I wrote about her email scandal here and please read it. It will explain the severity of the email scandal and peels back her PR onion. Clearly Obama is going to let her pass by and he just went on TV and said there is ‘confidential and then there is confidential’. Tell that to any person charged with government secrecy, they’ll laugh in your face.
In this post I am not trying to sway a Hillary voter. 
Everyone in her employ, consultants, fundraisers, pollsters, marketing, social media, lobbyists, politicians that need to fund their campaigns, lawyers who want a seat at their expensive table, fanboys and fangirls, The media consumer. the people bombarded with Hillary imagery and iconography, the Scandal deniers who believe that everything is just a right-wing conspiracy and the people who need to attach themselves to something, those people who Hillary becomes a part of their identity. #ImWithHer #Not
I am not a fan of Obama. I applaud him and he is aspirational, but that should not exempt him from being criticized.
He came in on the rhetoric of change. I voted for him. I knew I was deceived when the first people he brought in was Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden – huge war hawks who aggressively campaigned for the war in Iraq. And then Obama brought in the bankers who caused the financial meltdown, the same ones whose firms are now paying billions in penalties and made tens of billions more.
Obama promised transparency in government. Instead his administration has been a continuation, if not an amplification of what he succeeded. Obama ‘s administration has resisted a huge percentage of FOIA requests.
His foreign policy was all just showmanship. He and Hillary caused havoc in Honduras, Syria, Libya, Israel and Egypt. It will take generations to fix that mess.
ObamaCare  is a scandalous clusterfuck. I’m an expert in the industry. Anybody who understood risk in insurance knew it was a lie. All of the ObamaCare PR is a lie, ask anybody whose rates just skyrocketed and they have a huge deductible
I like Sanders…
If Sanders is squeezed out, which is likely, I will vote for Trump, if he is not squeezed out.
Why Trump
Trump is inexperienced at being a politician. I forgive Trump some gaffes. He doesn’t have a script of slogans to adhere too. He is not used to being under the 24/7 microscope and the stress and anxiety it induces.
I would like him to get, and to listen too, good policy advisors.
The wall doesn’t upset me. I have been to Europe and the American media seems to not show what is going on there. All the death in Syria and Libya has created an enormous problem with mass immigration.
I am not influenced the bullshit that a Trump presidency would be horrible for foreign relations . Which world leaders are concerned? Is it Cameron in the UK, the same one that the Panama Papers disclosed was hiding money overseas, ditto the Prime Minister of Iceland? Is it Nieto of Mexico, a country that is one of the worst violators of human rights? Is it Saudi Arabia, this year they broke their record for mass beheadings. There Wahhabism spews hatred and many of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.
Trump has said he would torture captured terrorists. If he could get approval for this tactic its comoletely inline with what we’ve already done. The current and former head of CIA said they wouldn’t’ do this, they were very theatrical. The reality is they did and have. Captured Afghanis and Iraqis were flown to Black sites to torture them.
Would revising the various trade agreements be horrible. Nope. They should be altered and they are horrible deals that make the filthy rich, filthier, fact.
Would Trump order that terrorists families be killed. We already do that. What do you think drones do. They kill everyone that the US thinks might one day be a terrorists with no questions asked. We have killed more people by drone strikes then dies on 9/11
Would he do mass deportations? Obama aready does. He has deported more illegals immigrants then the every president since combined.
Is his appeal racist. Do only the ‘good’ white people vote for Hillary and the ‘bad’ white people vote for Trump? To acknowledge racial elements is not racism. Race, ethnicity, gender, lifestyle and religion are stong elements of a person’s identity and their social community. Was Obama’s appeal to black people racist?
Would he punish women for abortions? Trump was wrong to step on the women’s rights issue. I am pro Choice, I respect people who are ProLife, I hope they respect me. People on both sides of the issue should know that 29 states actively punish woman. However you feel about that, it’s already happening.
The media has created a narrative about Trump and Sanders. They say its only angry voters that have lost jobs and I call Bullshit. It’s also rich guys, hispanics, blacks and women and people of all types that are sick of fraud and thievery and the politicians that won’t go home..
I am not in denial about Trump, he is high risk, high reward. He is my backup plan.
I think both Sanders and Trump will be disruptive and will lead to some market uncertainty. That does have an impact on businesses that needed to forecast an outlook going forward years. But the alternative is more of the same, and that is forecastable catastrophe.
I am the despised and ridiculed 1%er, I am white, middle-aged and I am not angry. I don’t look backwards, I look forward and I want change.
If Sanders is out, I will vote Trump. If both are out I will write in Rand Paul
That is my act of civil disobedience.

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