In the Womb of My Partner

I rest in the crossed-fixed arrows that point

in two Directions across my back.

Like the legs of my mother;

Cocooning me as I beg for rest

needed so greatly


A resurgence is welcomed

By my traveled thoughts,

Sometimes traveled through places of unrest.

Always carrying a story

When I wake in the breast

Molded, biblically like the true rib of Adam.

“Give me life!” my dreams silently scream

Unto me and you


A desertion that is only spoken with my

Hallow sighs and

The tight grasp of you as I drift into my dreams.

Unknown kisses nourish

as you watch my lashes flow and falter.

Like waves across my cheeks.

A fishing net catching my sleeping thoughts.

Feed. Fed.

My partner’s milk is the only need of company.

I wake full.  

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