Lakers Offseason Moves Good Enough to Keep Lebron in Contention?

After the Lakers got swept by the Denver Nuggets at the end of the 2023 season, a lot of things were left in the air and seemed a little cryptic when it came to Lebron.

The possibility of staying in L.A. let alone him being able to compete for another championship in Los Angeles. We were left with a thought of, “Will this just be a filler year for Lebron bidding his time waiting for Bronny to get drafted into the NBA, or is there some real basketball still to be played in LeBron’s future?”

After the offseason acquisitions and retentions in house we may have a far better grasp on what kind of meaningful basketball he could still be playing in L.A..

Signing D’Angelo Russell in February was a huge start to the offseason.

Granted that didn’t happen before the end of the regular season, but these acquisitions play a huge role in the plans for 2024, especially for the draft capitol given up for them.

After the offseason the Lakers signed G Babe Vincent, T Prince, C Reddish, J Hayes, and resigned Austin Reeves and Rui Hachimura. Resigned D’Angelo Russell and then signed their two draft picks.

In short, those were the right moves.

Barring what happens with Damien Lillard this offseason, the Lakers have had the best offseason hands down in the entire NBA. Does that mean another championship for Ol’ Bron Bron? Maybe, but it definitely looks like the king has some meaningful minutes coming heading into the 2024 season.

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