Emmi was pregnant 6 months. She and her husband were happily living in USA Sanctuary and doing preparation for the coming baby. After the 10 years of marriage, now they are able to be parents. Unfortunately, Emmi got a miscarriage unexpectedly. Her husband scolds on her vie and leave.


Emmi was a cherish girl around all the girls of her age she knows how to enjoy life fully but now Emmi’s life turns the side. As the day passes, the Emmi health becomes shattered nothing makes her happy. She just lives her life as a burden. People around her being sad seeing her the way she was living and the way she is now. Everyone prays for her, pray for a miracle.

Blot Day

That was a breezy, cool and dry early fall of September 1942 when the Emmi was on her way to the asylum. She meets a baby, Lona. Baby Lona was playing alone in the mud. The eyes of Lona are full of naughtiness. The bright sunny day with the pleasant smell in the air making everyone dances. When Emmi sees Lona playing, she is just seeing her for hours without reverie of anything. Emmi smiles after years.

Later, Emmi knows the Lona is abandoned. She has no family or any relatives. Emmi adopts a Lona. As the day passes the bond between Lona and Emmi became strong and stronger than anyone around them. Emmi takes care of Lona the whole day they both spend time playing with each other.

Emmi teaches new things to Lona. Everyone accepts the Lona and love to see them both together. Emmi became a mother she found her lost little one in Lona and the Lona found her family in Emmi. They both are perfectly into it. Emmi is now happy now overcome all the health issues and never look back to her husband.

Little rhyme for love

Emmi AND Lona
You are the family for each other
No one breaks the bond
No one breaks the bond

Love seek bond

I love it when I catch you looking at me and then you smile ❤

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