Must-visit places in Southern California after lockdown.

Southern California attracts millions of tourists every year due to its vast spread pacific coastline and all-time favorable sunny weather. The bright sunny weather makes Southern California a perfect spot for a beach day and crazy nightlife. Southern California is full of gems.

One can enjoy a bundle of activities with family, friends, or partners. Be it the world’s renowned Disneyland, Golden Gate bridge, Valleys, Beaches, and many more sports and activities that will amaze you within your entire trip. Well, there is so much to do and so little time to cover all these spots. So, we have brought to you some of the must-visit places in Southern California.

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles, known as LA, is one of the most popular and famous cities in California. A city that never sleeps and is full of surprises and a place of exploration. In LA, you can witness the cultural diversity and history through the film and television industry, culinary, and mountains. 

Some of the major attractions of LA are Universal Studios Theme Park, Griffith Park, Disney Resort, Getty Centre, Science Centre, and various art museums. Don’t forget to experience the glorious water and beach life of LA. 

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Venice Beach

If you are more into adventurous water activities, Venice Beach should be on your list. The “Venice of America” is full of oceanfront walks, canals, a skating plaza, Volleyball courts, and a bodybuilding beach area. Venice Beach is a fusion of cultural and western life.

The daytime is for beat generation poets and artists, while the nighttime is for parties and celebrations. If you want to polish your surfing skills, then the 75 miles coastline can help you practice or learn water sports.

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Algodones Sand Dunes

If you are in Southern California, The Algodones Sand Dunes is a must-visit place. It is one of the largest dune systems in North America. You can explore the range of Algodones dunes by buggies, jeeps, dirt bikes, and trucks. There are some other more adventurous ways to cover the dune ranges through foot or horseback.

The Algodones is also one of the vast spread dunes and is open for recreational purposes, So, it might be a bit crowded with people from all around the globe. Don’t forget to carry plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.


La Jolla Cove

La Jolla is the ecologically protected snorkeling, swimming, and diving spot in San Diego. It is a vacationer’s dream place. Though it is small, the divine Jolla Cove has beautiful silver sand surrounded by cliffs. There are some hidden caves towards the southeast cove, which you can explore during calm ocean days. 

The Cove is also a part of the marine reserve due to its rich marine and underwater life. The marine creatures and birds often visit to play and relax with the visitors at the beachfront and bluff. One should perform swimming and other water activities only if they have a good hand at the sport due to harsh waves.


Palm Springs

Palm Springs is not less than a picture-perfect place in Southern California. It is also known as the golf capital of the world, with 100 golf courses. If you are thinking about spending quite a lot of money, Palm Springs has world-class luxurious resorts with mid-century architecture. 

Palm Springs offers the visitors a bundle of natural sights. The history of the desert city and mesmerizing beauty of nature is a perfect blend of sophistication. The best way to appreciate the beauty of Palm Springs is through the Aerial Tramway, offering a scenic view of the mountains and deserted landscapes. 

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