My Best of TV list. A No BS review

I usually start reading a TV review at its end and sometimes work my way backwards. My own simple rating system is DON’T SEE IT, SEE IT, WHATEV
This bunch of my reviews is only SEE IT. It my TV list, and I could be wrong for you, but it is right for me
The list is forever incomplete. Several of these shows had limited runs, they stopped when their story was told. Or, because they just couldn’t hit the numbers a show needs. I also have grammar sloppiness, WHATEV
Black Mirror is interesting because it reflects the dread of undemocratic technologies, an issue that is rarely reflected in politics.
There is Zero transparency in the development of these technologies that end up governing much of our lives, leading to widespread paranoia and foreboding.
Instead of tools being manufactured by people to achieve specific public goals, the technologies are introduced without any specific aim (besides making private money) & end up manufacturing the public that uses them by warping its behavior. It is a scary situation that has already come to pass.

The easiest response is to tell people “just don’t adopt” new technologies but that becomes impossible as society as a whole ends up being developed around them. Like saying just don’t use the internet in 1995
The wire I just (re)binge watched all 5 seasons of the Wire.
My review only has a first and a last part, with nothing in-between. The wire is amazing, one of my favorite shows ever. Awesome acting, a great bunch of stories that tie together and fantastic characters.
Riverdale I grew up reading Archie Comics. This show blows up everything. Betty, all 16yrs old of her, does a strip teasing pole dance in a biker bar! Jughead is also in a gang and his initiation was to take a massive beating from the other members. It is either so bad, or do good. I’m not sure, but I really enjoy it.
I, Claudius One of my favorite shows of all time. It’s only a few episodes and the mind has to be relaxed to start up the show. Heavy Brit accents, black and white an takes a bit of endurance for the first episode. Once you understand it, into the second episode, it’s the best there is.
Narcos The first two seasons were about the DEA efforts to take down Pablo Escobar. Season 3, the most current is about the DEA trying to take down his successor
Terminator the Sarah Connor chronicles It’s a continuation of the first and second movies and has nothing to do with the later movies. There is a shallowness that has to fill air time, but it pays off in the end of the shows run.
11.22.63 8 part miniseries built from Stephen King’s book of the same name. It has something to do with Kennedy and time travel. You know I like the time travel
American Gods. I’ve had this theory for several years that I didn’t tell anyone cos they’d be like ‘dude, you cra cra!’, I think the tech oligarchs are dangerous. It is finally safe to come out of my conspiracy theorist closet.
Old Gods v New Gods is some part of what the show is about. The sum is weaker than the parts. But, it’s still a great show.
The Good place I started watching this show in its second season. I was looking for a light show that I didn’t really have to put any effort into watching. The second season was hysterical, from ther I went back in time to watch the first season. I suggest this order, first 2, then 1. Show is funnier if you get the joke and then see everything framed around it.
Legion okay, by now you know I love me some good sci-fi. Great show and i think way above the other superhero shows in the Marvel universe
Breaking bad Great show, but you already know that
Ozark A lighter, more whimsical Breaking bad
Jessica jones  I have a refined and high brow sensibilities in my superhero television shows. I want explosions and chases, time travelling conundrums.
The Ying to my Yang loves the show and her tastes are crude, plot and good characters matter to her. I started watching with her because that is the truest display of love. And if ever we get into an argument I can say “I sat there and binge watched Jessica Jones for you”
South park  Some seasons are bad, some are WHATEV and you have to wait for the good episodes to come and go. The best seasons are some of the best TV, it makes me laugh because it can discuss the absurdities. Here’s a plotline clip that I assembled and edited South Park 
Arrested development First four seasons are brilliant and so funny. Its season five came ten years later, the actors needed loot and Netflix needed a brand name
Insecure – The lead character is the show’s creator. It started as a web series and moved mainstream. Good and funny
Curb your enthusiasm – Hysterical, HBO just revived and offered another season, it might even be funnier than its last time around
Unreal A comedy drama about the backside of a ‘bachelor’ show
Vinyl Came and went to fast. Mick Jagger’s son created this, nostalgia and a great soundtrack. A flashback to a great, seedy time in NYC

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