Nancy Konipol, NYNonProfit and a look backwards

Nancy Konipol, NYNonProfit and a look backwards
I’m not, maybe until recently, a nostalgic person. I don’t like to look back too much or too often.
I was googling the name of my wife, Nancy Konipol, this evening, looking for records from her family arrival at Ellis Island. This post came up from the Queens Chronicle
I remember taking that picture of her on the bridge. It was a black and white film picture and i benefitted from beginners luck, fumbling with her camera.I also remember 9/11 so well. I am a workaholic and I was too stupid and consumed. When she told me the towers came down i thought she was mistaken.
9/11 was the start of our philanthropy. By December of that year we had created a family office and NYNonProfit was the visible part of that iceberg.
I’m particularly happy with the serendipitous find. Nancy and i just recently started managing the philanthropy again after being managed by an outside agency for the past 5 years.
We are both very excited about this. We missed being vital and engaged with the exceptional people who work within the agencies, nonprofits, foundations, civic minded politicians and customers. Having an outside agency manage the auditing and reporting, followup and compliance added an efficiency but it comprimised, if not outright lost, the intimacy. There are just so many things that cannot be evaluated on a spreadsheet.
That picture of Nancy was ‘then’, this is ‘now’..or was ‘now’ last summer when our friends took this picture.
With this post written and out of my system I resume my forward gaze. thanks for indulging me with this sentimental lookback.

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