Nimbus Coffee in Los Angeles

Are you a Harry Potter fan, who also happens to love a great cup of coffee? Nimbus Coffee in Los Angeles is the absolute perfect place for you!

Coffee is one of my favorite things in the world. I love finding unique coffee shops in every area I visit, finding perfect places to sip my favorite latte. I have found that coffee shops are a wonderful place for people to visit, as the ambience is always so comforting.

As a huge Harry Potter fan, I was intrigued just by seeing pictures online of Nimbus Coffee! Like I said, I love coffee so this seemed like an absolute win-win for me.

As you pass the coffee shop on the street, a bright mural with an individual on a broom shows you that you have arrived. Walking inside, you feel as if you are walking right into one of the books. Surrounding yourself is magic at all angles. Spellbooks, wands, and wizardry are at every corner.

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Above is an image I took while at Nimbus Coffee. This image highlights the entire vibe in the coffee shop, showing its dedication towards Harry Potter and comfortability for visitors.

As you can see above, Nimbus Coffee has taken the idea of a “themed” coffee shop, and brought it to incredible new levels. Not only is the cafĂ©  atmosphere magical, but so is the menu! All the drinks and snacks offered are themed and named according to the magic of Harry Potter.

This place isn’t only suitable for coffee lovers though, as there are a variety of drinks offered on the menu, like shakes! Anyone can enjoy this place, as there is so much to offer and experience.

This business opened pretty recently in 2019 from a mother, daughter duo. If you love local goods and supporting a company dedicated to bringing you into a magical experience, this is a great fit for you!

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