No BS Review. Wonder Woman

There is something about popcorn, soda and Mom. We used to love going to the movies together. There were months that we saw every major release. James Bond, Mel Brooks, Sextet starring Mae West. And I remember seeing Being There with Peter Seller.
I remember when the Gardener becomes a Presidential Candidate, the maid sees him on TV and say ‘It’s a white man’s world’. That line always stuck with me, I think about it, mull it over. Sometimes I feel like the maid.
No BS review. Wonder Woman
It’s a White Man’s world! The movie marketed itself as women’s empowerment, there were several women’s only screenings and the buzz, perhaps inorganically memed, was its women’s messaging against the cisgender male patriarchy.
Um, ? I can’t fairly correspond ‘that’ with what I saw, I’m not any sort of woman. Here begins my mansplaining movie review.
It’s a good movie, enjoyable. It has a whimsical, noirish edge, lots of action and well drawn characters, it is a very good superhero flick. On that scale it rates a SEE IT.
But on another scale the movie fails miserably. It is almost all white people. That black woman on the island in the early scenes, where the heck did she come from, did anyone notice they had an intruder in their midst? Why just one black woman? Why can’t the lead be something other than caucasian? It’s  a freaking superhero movie, it’s not a documentary.
Another annoyance is that the island inhabitants speak with this sloppy Russian accent. Oh, and barely dressed models looking ‘babes’, is this  a movie for the ladies, or the guys, young and old?
Wonder Woman says she speaks hundreds of languages but never, ever, heard of a secretary, ‘what’s that, sounds like the work of a slave?’. Men are something also unstudied, as is the nature and casualties of war,  her learning skipped those classes. We do suck, I wish I didn’t know our cruelties either.
It’s a fun superhero flick and it’s a white man’s world.

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