RIP Petunia – Imperfect cat and an imperfect owner. Lie at my side again

Dearest Petunia,
I remember when I brought you home, you were adhered to my shirt.
As soon as you met your new home you ran around. Nancy and I sat on the floor in the hallway. Your litter box was just scraps of paper.
I remember giving you tiny kitten nourishment. I put it on my fingers and you licked it off. I got you a litter box and proper litter and you were scared so I had to show you how to use it. You never liked the unfamiliar.
I remember when we got you a leash and used to bring you to our neighborhood outdoor cafe. I think at first you liked it but after a few times you didn’t, you hid behind the couch.
I remember when we used to play hide and seek, we loved the game so much.
Sometime around your second birthday, maybe a little before, your temperament changed, you started to bite. When we played you no longer tapped, you scratched. You made it so hard to play with you cos I would always get scratches. I remember you were on the bed and I leaned in to kiss you on your forehead and you bit my head really hard. Your teeth got my forehead good!
You made me a little apprehensive of you and I’m sure you became just as much apprehensive of me. You always cowered when I came to pet you.
But, my favorite memories of all, times that made me so happy down to my core, is when you would lie by my side and let me pet you for hours. We would sleep together and sometimes get tangled up. You would bite me, run off, and then come back a few minutes later, we always forgave each other.
I’m so sorry you got sick. And I’m so sorry I didn’t know it earlier. I am not a perfect person, you were not a perfect cat. We were imperfect together.
I love you Petunia. I always did and I always will. I will see you again. Please lay at my side.

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