Sales Commission. Rashomon effect

Rashomon is a great movie. I remember it not for what was on the screen, but for what was not. The Rashomon effect is a term used to describe the circumstance when the same event is given contradictory interpretations by different individuals involved.
A sales commission is that.
But first, a recap of where we have been:
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The perfect alignment is Right Person. Right Place. Right Time
Cold calling is the shortest distance between two points. I extended this thought here: Cold Call or Starve. Choose Wisely
The books that are about sales are in fact about selling books about selling books. I wrote this vent here: Why I Don’t Recommend Books About Sales
When challenged to ‘sell me this pen’. Here’s how to do it: Passing the pen test
The best salespeople synthesize all the other ‘bests’ and stitch a philosophy together. Here’s mine: The Philosophy of the Salesperson
The best sales people make the sequence of prospect to client mechanical. Read this gem: Philosophy of the sales presentation and agenda
A sale is 80% done before you walk in the door for the first meeting. Here’s how not to fuck it up: The philosophy of the prospect. Why they buy from you
This post is brief, I don’t want to obstruct the view:
A sales commission is a boat seen from different vantages on the river banks. 
The CEO of the vendor sees it as a new client accessory. An impulse buy on the check out line
The Client sees it as a lever for the continued discretionary effort of the sales rep
The Sales Rep sees the sales commission as profit distribution and a mechanism for company recognition
The end?

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