So-Cal Air Taxi Service Officiates Multi-Purpose Mobile App

Courtesy of FLOAT™ Shuttle

So-Cal’s new commuter and charter air taxi service, FLOAT™ Shuttle (Fly Over All Traffic), recently officiated their multi-purpose mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play. The app allows users to book flights with FLOAT™, find local airports and discover or recommend nearby attractions.

FLOAT Map in the app

FLOAT™ Shuttle is the largest commuter airline in America, and helps people save time, money and avoid highway traffic congestion by allowing commuters to fly over traffic for their work commutes.

Courtesy of FLOAT™ Shuttle

FLOAT™ supports local businesses throughout Southern California, and invites business-owners to download and promote their brands on the app as well. Businesses at local airports are encouraged to add their listings.

Discover landmarks and monuments at your local airports. Also find digital treasures much like Pokemon Go. The app provides enterntainment for the airport community and passengers.

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FLOAT™ also offers private charter flights for weekend getaways to destinations such as San Diego, Big Bear and Santa Barbara. Flights with FLOAT™ are eco-friendly, since they equate a total of 4.4 tons in reduced carbon emissions annually for each commuter.

FLOAT™’s community of founders hope to, “make flying ​accessible to everyone​, and to make flying part of everyone’s ​daily experience,” while also, “advancing civilization’s ​progress​ through ​aviation.”

The FLOAT™ mobile app can be downloaded here on the App Store:

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Courtesy of Mercedes Broadway

The FLOAT™ mobile app can be downloaded here on Google Play:

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Courtesy of Mercedes Broadway

Download FLOAT for Android here.

Download FLOAT for iOS here.

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