Students Protest Northview High School’s Recent Actions

Covina, Los Angeles – On September 22, parents and students will protest the firing of long term substitute teacher Darlene Trujillo after Northview High School’s medical negligence of a student who suffered seizure during school hours. 

The incident occured on Sept. 8 during 4th period, Dominic Lomeli was watching a film in Trujillo’s Medical Carerr’s class when she turned to her left as she saw a student trying to lift Lomeli. She escorted the student outside to get help from another teacher who had an emergency clicker to notify administration of an emergency. During this time, Lomeli’s skin had turned pale as he cried and shaked in fear of what was happening to him. Once Principle Dr. Leo Magallon arrived with school security, he pulled Trujillo aside and asked her if Lomeli was “high” to which she said no. 

Lomeli’s mother Joanna Saucedo received a voicemail saying that Lomeli was in the office with no information on what had occurred. When she arrived the nurse told Saucedo that he had fainted. Lomeli then told his mother that the principal had searched his backpack and when she asked him why he said that the principal was looking for drugs. The next day Saucedo went to the school and asked Magallon why they had searched her son’s backpack to which he responded by telling her that he used to live in a rough neighborhood and kids often take stuff. She asked if her son told him that he took something, he replied saying no he didn’t take anything. 

A week later, Trujillo calls Saucedo to check-in on Lomeli and asks her if her son is doing. That’s when Saucedo learns about her son having hit his head, bit his tongue and cut his chin caused by the seizure. She reached out to the school to figure out why the situation that had happened with her son had been downplayed to which Magallon has yet to reach out to Saucedo. 

During the morning protests on Sept. 22, students can be seen holding signs outside the high school condemning the actions by the schools such as having an adult in the restroom and comments made by Magallon calling Northview “ghetto.” 

Los Angeles Journal had contacted Northview High School but has yet to respond as of the time of writing this.

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