The Erike Brothers: Attorneys to Filmmakers

By: Ricardo Lara Nava

Jaric and Michael Erike are two brothers that have always had the passion of making films. Growing up, the two brothers took improv/theater classes at Mesa Arts Center in Masa, Arizona. adidas factory outlet
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They graduated from Arizona State University and from there they got a full ride to law school becoming practicing attorneys.

While they are still practicing law, the Erike brothers have devoted their time and money pursuing their lifelong dream of becoming filmmakers. With advice from friends in the industry and mentors, they began to create their own pathway. 

“Going to the movies was like going to Disneyland,” said Jaric. “Back when we were younger, YouTube wasn’t as big of a deal, you would get there early to see the trailers before hand and I remember that it would use to always annoy me if we would go late.” 

Alone (2021), their first short film, was directed by Jaric and Michael starred as the leading role. The film follows a man going about his day and begins to notice something strange in the background of his life.  

The Erike Brother’s next project is a semi-autobiographical film about two brothers trying to break into Hollywood titled ‘Cut’. 

They have a gofundme page created to complete their latest project.  
Alone’ can be found on IMDB.

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