Universities, Colleges and Schools Across the Globe That Introduced A Course Focused on Meredith O’Connor’s Impact Will Be Highlighted At the Shorty Impact Awards in the Premiere of a Short Film

On November 13th at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, Meredith O’Connor, Kodie Shane and More Iconic figures in pop culture Reunite at The Shorty Impact Awards for a Live Performance with UC Irvine’s VeVo Choir to Highlight the You Are Not Alone Campaign.

Several colleges and schools implementing a new course about the mental health advocacy
and music of Meredith O’Connor will be featured in the short film premiering at The Shorty
Impact Awards. The course was first announced at UC Irvine’s Mental Health Conference and
the NYC Department of Youth and Safety in May. The curriculum contains clinically informed
guides and educational resources created by licensed mental health professionals to promote

The schools highlighted in the short film will be led by a live performance of the anthem “You
Are Not Alone” by UC Irvine’s VeVo choir with Kodie Shane and an appearance by Meredith

Meredith O’Connor’s anti-bullying and mental health advocacy is credited with impacting the
landscape of pop culture. Her global mental health campaign and anthem, You Are Not Alone,
united some of the most prominent names in global music from Kpop, Afropop, Latinpop and
more including Minzy, Ruggero, Reekado Banks and Kodie Shane. This global campaign
contributed to the inspiration behind the clinically-informed school course being implemented
in over six countries.

Participating schools from Romania, Brazil, the United Kingdom, India and more will be
featured in the global film along with Kechie’s Project, an organization dedicated to the
empowerment of girls around the world through education. Kechie’s Project worked with
students performing the song in Nigeria as well as in New York at the United Nations Plaza.
The organization Slam Out Loud worked with the students performing the song with students
from schools in Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

The short film will be viewable here after it premieres on November 13th: https://

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