Women are Mothers, Not Soldiers

    Women should not be drafted because they have babies!!! That is the absolute number one reason. 18-26 is great baby making time for a woman’s body. Past 30 there is a major increase in birth defects including Down syndrome. Trust me, a child with Down syndrome is extremely difficult to raise. I have friends with children that suffer from this condition.

Women are also more emotional than men. Women are raised to be mothers and men are raised to be solders. Look at the toys for children. All the proof you need is right there in the toy store. Girl’s toys are about nurturing, dolls, stuffed animals, cooking and cleaning toys. Boys toys are about action usually violence though some toys promote productive action. Their toys consist of action figures, monster trucks, extremely violent video games, and so forth. If you want women to drafted, you’d better start teaching little girls how to hit and not give rip about how other people feel.

    If women serve in the war that did not want to you could be taking away their ability to be mothers. Many reasons. First, they could be too emotionally scarred to raise children. A man however, isn’t very involved in the emotional well being of his children so it doesn’t matter if the war made him crazy… as long as it didn’t make him too crazy. Second, female reproductive organs are much more complicated than men’s are therefore effects of chemical war far could be much more consequential for a woman. Third, what about rape in the army? Women are so susceptible to rape because men are stupid and even evil! I’m very concerned about the safety of the women that out of their own free will signed up for the army. What is being done to protect them? Anyway, rape greatly interferes with a woman’s ability to get married, have a healthy sex life with her husband, give birth to and raise children. The psychological and, sometimes physical, ramifications can be detrimental for the rest of a woman’s life.

    Also, if every man and woman between 18-26 could be drafted what would happen when both of a married couple with children were drafted? You people forget that there are still plenty of young people out there getting married and having children. I bet you are thinking “The grandparents would take in the children.” Not everyone has that possibility.

    Equal rights are a load of BS. Anyone… I mean any man that is crying “Equal rights, they should be drafted” hasn’t got a clue how freakin’ unfair America is for women. You men can walk down the street without fear of being mugged, raped, and murdered. You men can wave at a passing car without the driver thinking you are a hooker. You men have advancements in medical science that greatly surpass those in women’s health. You men have it hormonally easier since you don’t have cycle’s and have extremely few hormonal illnesses compared to us women. You men have the better paying jobs. You men automatically get respect on the phone for customer service. You men don’t have to buy bras, makeup, or any other of the many things women are expected to buy in order to “keep up” with you men. You men have it freakin’ easy, but because you are men you haven’t got a clue how hard it is for us women because you completely lack empathy… the ability to understand someone else’s feelings, thoughts, and experiences, basically putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. I figured I needed to explain that for you men since you don’t know what empathy even is.

    Women should not be drafted. By the way, this is coming from a woman who doesn’t even qualify to enlist due to health problems. It’s not my behind I’m worried about. It’s my sisters that I’m concerned for.


By: Sarah Eve Nichols

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