Murdered Fahim Saleh
Murdered Fahim Saleh
Tyrese Devon Haspil
Tyrese Devon Haspil

Fahim Saleh was gruesomely murdered in his luxury Manhattan Condo, New York City in a scene that may best be described as a Hollywood horror movie that defeats reality.

He was found decapitated and his body dismembered on Tuesday, July 14th by his cousin who had gone to check up on him after an unusual silence. Parts of his body (head and limbs) were found in trash bags and an electric saw was seen connected to a power source nearby.

Saleh was a 33 year old tech entrepreneur from Bangladesh; born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Newyork.

His entrepreneurial journey started in his teenage days with the creation of an event planner platform for his family. While in high school, he created a website called where people could buy prerecorded calls to prank their loved ones. He also founded two popular motorcycle ridingsharing companies; Pathao based in Bangladesh and Gokoda in Nigeria.

Here are facts about his murder you should know:

  1. Saleh was last seen dressed in shorts and t-shirt on Monday, 13 July at 1:45 pm while entering the elevator; with a man wearing a dark suit, black gloves and hat, quickly following suit, according to CCTV footage.
  2. He was subdued with a Taser and stabbed multiple times in the neck and torso by the man as Saleh existed the elevator which opened directly into his apartment.
  3. The killer returned the next day, Tuesday 13th July with some trash bags, cleaning supplies and an electric saw to dismember the body; which he successfully did until he was interrupted by the sound of a doorbell from Saleh’s cousin who had come to check on him. He ran through a different exit to avoid being caught.
  4. Police believed the murder was carefully and professionally executed with “almost no blood” at the scene of the crime.
  5. There were initial public speculations that Saleh was murdered by unknown business associates as a result of a business deal gone wrong.
  6. Thorough investigations led the trail to a naive looking and carefree 21-year-old, Tyrese Devon Haspil; Saleh’s former personal assistant and financial manager who was fired for stealing about $100,000.
  7. Saleh did not report the theft to the police but opted for a repayment plan.
  8. Police discovered Haspil ordered for a taser online and video footage showed him in an electronic shop buying an electric saw and cleaning supplies in the morning of the murder 13th July, 2020.
  9. Saleh’s murder happened at about 1:45pm on 13th July.
  10. Haspil’s aunt described his childhood as troubled; having being from one foster home to the other.
  11. On Thurday, 16th July, two days after the murder, CCTV footage showed the suspect walk down the street while chatting indifferently with a young woman.
  12. There are speculations that Haspil may have murdered the Gokada CEO in an attempt to avoid repayments and to continue the embezzlement unabated.
  13. The suspect was arrested in a luxury home few miles away from the murder scene, which was believed to have been rented on the same week of the murder. He was found with same woman for whom he had bought a balloon with Saleh’s credit card in preparation for her birthday.
  14. Haspil was arrested on Friday, 17th July and charged with second degree murder to which he has pleaded “not guilty”
  15. Tyrese Haspil’s next court appearance is scheduled for 17th August, 2020.
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