Sweet summer pastimes Covid-19 hasn’t taken from us

Let’s face it: Los Angelenos simply do not know how to spend a summer indoors. Thankfully, we don’t have to. Some of the best and most classic means of enjoying these sweltering months are still totally accessible — all while maintaining that all too familiar 6-foot personal bubble and donning our most fashionable face masks, of course.

To kick off an awesome adventure, we’d first head to a local farmer’s market and stock up on some fresh produce. It could be for a relaxing picnic in the park, or perhaps we splurge and stock up for a full-blown camping trip, complete with juicy BBQ and a few of these other easy recipes, perfect for the great outdoors.

Bringing kiddos along? Don’t forget the bikes and any other portable, active toys. We can drink in the fresh air and score some low impact exercise, all while connecting with our favorite people. In the fiery (and thus, excessively smore’sy) evenings, we’ll reap the rewards of a solid stargazing sesh before dozing off to the symphonic sounds of nature. Then rise with the sun for a swim, a hike, or maybe even a digitally led yoga class. Finally, we can surely snag sufficient downtime to get started on a bit of summer reading.

Hey, if we’re not careful, we might actually savor a string of blissfully pandemic-free moments while we soak up all the sun and nostalgia. So fear not, Angelenos. Keep calm and summer on.

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