Can I Have Some Change

And the two women turn to the homeless lady

I remember that same barefoot woman asking me for weed in the morning when

I went to get the morning newspaper

Once I got home this overwhelming sense of happiness hit me

I grabbed my pen and paper and wrote what was on my head

such as People become religious because of McDonald’s after church

Explaining my emotions to someone . Talk to can not be and that’s when it first began at a get together two years ago

That of a society built upon routine and a ruler on the T.V. that could exist of not

I didn’t see any visual estrangement nor anything out of the ordinary it

was all mental emotions that were being manipulated 

But after the 8 hours and you and I go to bed

Something happened

I was feeling something that I’ve never felt while in my dreams

The skin peeled slowly off 

And when I woke up I found myself scratching my hand

A strange experience yes

Maybe I’ll do it all over again today …

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