Chargers Preseason Week One vs. Los Angeles Rams

Some people poo-poo preseason, I personally love it. to whatever capacity regardless football is back on television. Personally, it gives me an opportunity to study and see how third and fourth stringers will perform well as depth on fantasy football during the season and the best way to spot sleepers. Man, oh man what a game preseason week one was.

I wasn’t too sure how I felt about the Chargers backup quarterback situation with Chase Daniels departing this offseason. Don’t get me wrong i love having the most winningest quarterback in FCS history in Easton Stick, but hadn’t seen anything that stuck out or impressed me the last 5 preseasons. Against the rams defense though, he was quick to release and took advantage of the defensive coverages. He even helped rookie and first round pick Quinton Johnson, to his first NFL touchdown.

Joshua Kelley will be our bell cow goal line back this year. Our bruiser if you will. But Dotson……….This kid so far, and I don’t want to speak too soon and put too much pressure on the kid and jump the gun, but six carries for ninety-two yards. My god keep it up kid. a one, two, three punch with Ek, Kelley, and Dotson will be insane in Kellen Moore’s offense.

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One of the coolest things to happen this game is a player that has never played a down of competitive football before he stepped on the field at Sofi Stadium Saturday night. CJ Okoye from Nwere, Nigeria on his first lace up NFL or otherwise, got his first sack. The intrigue keeps growing around this player and let me tell you he’s already got a pretty good argument for making the final fifty-three-man roster. I can tell you personally, I can’t wait to do a story on this kid.

All I have to say about our fourth-round pick Darius Davis is he did exactly what we drafted him for. There were three returns for touchdowns in the NFL week one of preseason, none of which were as impressive as Darius returning against the Rams defense for an incredible eighty-one-yard return for a touchdown. This kid has the speed and run returns we need to take advantage of specialty team gapes in the league.

Now this is preseason, but that went about as well as it could go to start the preseason. to start that avalanche of momentum going into the regular season, we just started the snowball. If this is just a taste of Kellen Moore’s offense, I can’t wait to see the starters week one vs. Miami.

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