Herbo Gets the Bag

Justin Herbert just signed the largest contract in NFL history. A five year $262,000,000 contract was inked the other day between the Los Angelos Chargers and franchise quarterback Justin Herbert, “Its the only place I’ve ever wanted to be.”

In the first three years in the league Justin Herbert has about every record there is to have. only quarterback to throw for four thousand yards every one of his first three seasons. He has already amassed the Chargers franchise record in touchdowns in a season as well as yards thrown in a season. In 2020 Justin in his rookie campaign won rookie of the year.

Justin Herbert is the epidemy of fan player. The kid loves this team and has ties to the old chargers as well as his own ties stemming from his NFL career. His father went to high school in San Diego. His grandfather (Rich Schwab) went to school with Dan Fouts at University of Oregon and Justin has known Dan for years and grew up a Chargers fan.

During the signing of his second contract with the Los Angeles Chargers, you can notice one of the coolest little nods that Justin gives of being a fan of the blue and gold. He is wearing the exact same shirt that he was wearing when he penned his rookie contract in 2020.

With 135 million earned at the signing of this contract Justin is glad to have the contract out of the way and put the real focus on winning a championship for the Chargers. He’s our quarterback, he’s paid, and ladies and gentlemen he’s here to stay.

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