Check this list and check it twice!

This year, Christmas ISN’T cancelled due to Covid! – events you don’t want to miss!

Santa and Classic Planes at the Palm Springs Air Museum

And this year Santa is slayin’ it in an even BIGGER plane!

Christmas at the Palm Springs air museum complete with Santa Claus in front of the B17 bomber “Memphis Belle.” Owner Fred Bell took me into his office to discuss the secret details of this year’s event. Past years Santa had arrived via helicopter with snow blasters, and last year even through the Covid difficulties, he negotiated with the city to still make the local children’s holiday dreams come true. Cars drove up to protect social distancing, and keep the Christmas tradition alive of gifts with Santa Claus in truly one of the most unique ways; with super cool, classic airplanes. This year he claims it will be bigger, better and more exciting for the wee little ones with wide eyes.

Fred Bell has been the managing director of the historic palm springs air museum since 1999. He told me how Christmas in general was his favorite holiday, and his aim to make it special for everyone. He said, “We are really excited to have the kids in again. And the car format we really like and built on it this year with an even larger plane! We have lots of more planes and are opening the museum from the back side.” Not only was he pleasant and passionate about this event, but he concluded with a jolly smile of his own, “We are looking forward to a great memorable Christmas.” tickets are $20 per car headed towards lights, glitz and good times, December 18-22 2021 from 6-8 pm.

The Hollywood Christmas parade

hollywood paradeGettyImages 134190789 master
All you want for Christmas is the Hollywood Christmas parade!

The Hollywood Christmas parade has been a well known and loved event since 1928. This year Montel Williams joins the list of hosts. It returns to the streets of Hollywood, spreading joy to the crowds that can even enjoy it from the comforts of their own home on the CW. The parade supports the Marine toys for tots with award winning bands on floats, larger than life balloons, speciality acts and of course celebrities galore. You can also watch this broadcast internationally on the armed forces network.

Last year, sadly, the parade was cancelled due to Covid which was the only time it wasn’t happening since during world war 2 from 1942-1944! Needless to say everyone involved in the parade AND all of the viewers across the world, are more than thrilled to have the Hollywood Christmas parade once again. People plan to join together, spreading holiday cheer and bringing back the star studded parade. Come Celebrate the season together in person or on TV; Sunday November 28, 2021. 

Beverly Hills Holiday festivities

You’re dreaming of a BEVERLY HILLS Christmas!

If you want to see gorgeous Christmas decor and dazzling trees, the streets of Beverly Hills are back in its glory as if the pandemic never happened. Be sure to stroll down rodeo drive. The city is dripping in festivities, in of course the classiest way. Mayor Bob Wunderlich lit up the streets with other council members for the annual Beverly hills tree lighting ceremony. Bring out your inner pretty woman, for your own miracle on rodeo Dr. Twinkling lights and designer clothes pave the glamorous way that only an Ebenezer could turn his nose up at the sight of.

White lights cover the palm trees by the Fendi store, be sure to capture your own Insta-moment, because after all, last year we were boarding up businesses and afraid to interact with one another. It’s truly a blessing to see things go back to somewhat normal and just in the st. Nick of time. 

Holly Jolly Beachmas

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Rockin’ around the Christmas ocean!

What could be better than the beach and Yachts Lit up for the holiday? You might want to make your way to the Newport Beach Light cruise. It’s claimed to be  the “event of the season.” you can hop aboard one of the decorated vessels on a 75 min holiday light cruise. You will pass by magical multi million dollar estates draped with thousands of lights and decorations.

The reflection of the spirit of Christmas on the water sets the tone for one of the most romantic yet warm and fuzzy holiday traditions, everyone is sure to love. The cruises are only $32 a person Wednesday December 15-19 2021,  and can be booked on

You’re welcome in advance! And while you are there, try and make friends with a member of the Balboa bay club for its first cabin restaurant. This year is set to have the most elegant menu of all the years.

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