Italy in Los Angeles

IMG 0088
Above is a picture of me on top of one of the many bridges in the Californian Venice Canals.

Have you ever wanted to travel to Venice, Italy in search of the city atop the water? If you find yourself in the friendly neighborhood of Venice in Los Angeles, you are in luck! Here you’ll get a small glimpse into the beautiful Italian canals -California style.

Many visitors flock to Venice Beach Boardwalk a year. In fact, according to LA Parks, over 10 million visitors explore Venice Beach a year. Though, just a few blocks away from the boardwalk, lays many canals. While Venice Beach is known for being full of excitement and things to see, the canals allow visitors to have a more relaxing experience close by.

When I last visited Venice Beach Boardwalk, I had seen pictures online of the Venice Canals and had no clue where to find them. A local biker came to the rescue. He helped us find the Venice Canals, informing us that many locals barely knew they existed. If you are looking to visit, Google Maps is your friend!

IMG 0091 3
Above is another photo taken at the Venice Canals during my last visit.

Visiting The Canals

Once you reach the canals, a trail surrounds them on each side, allowing visitors and residents to walk around the canals and experience their beauty. Keep in mind, bikes or rollerskates are not allowed, so plan accordingly. As shown in the first picture, bright white bridges allow people to cross over the canals and peer into the water below. The water is quite clear and full of vibrant species of fish.

As you walk along the canals, keep in mind that you are in a residential area, so respect the environment and individuals around you. Though it might not be Venice, Italy, you won’t find the quintessential California palm trees surrounding the waters as you can see here.

California is a state of such beauty and excitement. With so much to see and do, I would put visiting the Venice canals near the top of your list. It is such an intriguing place to experience, encompassing the enchanting feel of a place afar for many in the United States.

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