Cold calling and mutual value creation

I wrote about why everyone should cold call. I wrote about how to cold call.
I did not, yet, write about the mutual value creation of cold calling.
To keep this post even briefer than the two that preceded it, I am staying at the top of the trees and not getting lost in the thickets of your company.
This is the concrete philosophy, the tactics are fluid.
Cold calling should not be measured by the number of outbound calls. That leads very quickly to a lack of discipline and jamming a square peg into a round hole
Cold calls should be qualitatively measured. How precisely a booked appointment fits within the prospect profile and the information exchanged.
A cold call sometimes is a two, or three-step process. You are looking for an advocate who has buying authority. That may not be initial person you speak with, you should get a point to the proper person and ask that your initial contact send them an email to advise them that you’re calling them. This is converting that ‘wrong’ person to an influencer. It makes your next call to the ‘right person’ a warm call.
Cold calls are about finding the prospects to put on an assembly line that moves them along stations to becoming a client.
The first call should build professionalism and also intimacy. They want to do business with a quality company and a responsive, quality sales person, that’s the professionalism. But, they also want to do business with someone who is compassionate to their concerns and will interact with them in a humble and sincere manner and won’t attempt to upstage them.
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