Are you healthy?

I am my own guinea pig. I have done the experiments on myself so that you don’t have to.
I went from fat to lean and made the commitment to myself that the coming parts of life will be (hopefully) healthy.
I have changed diets around like three card monte. I have constantly changed my workouts. I have done massive endurance running and rock climbs. And, I have recalibrated what healthy is and isn’t.
I used to think unhealthy was fat and healthy was muscular, now I know not to judge the quality of a person’s health by just the visible part of the iceberg.
Muscles: You will most likely never have to lift up a car to save a child.
Weight lifting forces short and shallow breaths. Its quick inhales/exhales at pace with the motion of the weights.  Breaths should be deep in the stomach, your lungs should fill and you’re chest rise, open and close.
Weight lifting trains your mind and body to do a movement and then after the weight is put back, you wait the minute or so until its time to lift it again. You have reiterated the bad habit of stopping and reseting. 
Working out with weights has some small place in the workouts for most people.
The ‘kinda’ lie is that you will burn more fat with weight lifting. That’s true if you’re taking steroids and you’re pushing yourself to the absolute max on each rep. But you’re not and you’re not.
I have seen very few overly muscular people who can sustain a high quality, long duration activity. They’re breathing is wrong, they want to stop and reset all the time. They have little flexibility and very weak tendon strength.
Emphasize the functionality of the muscle, its full movement, its elasticity. Do variations of push ups, pull-ups, situps, jumping rope and all those exhausting things. It’s life changing.
Sleeping: When you wake up do you feel refreshed and charged?
Not being able to sleep is a compounding problem. I’ve suffered from its causes and its symptoms. If you don’t sleep well you can’t be in a ‘whole’ good shape.
The body and mind do bad things to you when you’re not sleeping adequately. Studies have shown that you lose willpower when you don’t sleep. When you lose willpower you make poor choices and when you make poor choices you get upset with yourself. It’s the curse that keeps on cursing.
Diet: Bad diet is a slow suicide.
Bad diets do things to your internals that modern medicine can only marginally remedy.
Is your diet low in sugar, salt, dairy and all the ‘white things’.
It’s okay to be fat, just be fat on the high quality foods that are consumed at the right times of the day. 
Mindfulness: Can you relax your mind and focus on your breathing for 1 minute?
You may think about the things you have to do in the future, or replay things that have happened in the past. You may think what other people think of you or what you think of yourself.
When you hear those thoughts popping into your head, can you put them away and return to focusing gon your breathing.
Maybe you’re healthy, maybe you’re not…
Live long and prosper

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