DTLA Rooftop Cinema Club

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Rooftop Cinema DTLA club: Cinema Club aerial image of moviegoers.

A couple of weeks ago I visited the DTLA Rooftop Cinema Club. This club sits high atop the fourth floor level in Downtown L.A. From this height, you can experience marvelous views of the L.A. skyline. The club puts visitors right in the middle of Downtown L.A. It gives guests incredible views while also hosting people’s favorite films.

I attended the showing of Get Out, back in October. Since it was Halloween season, the Cinema Club hosted an array of horror films to encompass the time of year.

Before this visit, I booked my tickets online. There were a variety of ticket options to choose from. People can either pick a singular lounge seat or a loveseat ticket option for couples. Some tickets even included popcorn in the price, as well as student discounts.

When you arrive at the Rooftop Cinema Club, each person gets their own headphones to hear the movie clearly while in the sky. It’s such an exciting experience–bringing the joys of movie theaters to the outdoors. Not only does the Rooftop Cinema Club host nostalgic films, but they also have different events ranging from sing-alongs to dress-up movies. Also, if you fall in love with the Rooftop Cinema Club, there are a variety of other locations in California, as well as other cities around the world.

If you’re interested in attending, I highly recommend bringing a blanket and comfortable clothes. Cozying up for the unique adventure is perfect for any movie lover! Check out their website to find their upcoming holiday films!

“I loved the DTLA Rooftop Cinema Club. The fact that I can see tons of movies I couldn’t before in theaters on the big screen is such a great experience.”

Anna Vinton, LA local
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