Easy Homemade Mexican Chicken Soup

It’s a long going joke of how Hispanic/Latino families love to not just eat, but make soup during the long hot months of summer. This is no joke my friends; this is a true tale, no fables here. There is something about the medicinal factors that eating hot soup on hot days carry out with many Latiax traditions. Sweating out the impurities, bone broth is good for you and a great way to eat your veggies are amongst a variety of these upstanding beliefs. 

This is a simple one pot recipe that I make myself all year round. Gather your olla and let’s start cooking a la Mexicana! 

NOTE: The longer you cook the broth the more rich your soup will be!

1 whole chicken (1 lb) or 1 lb chicken pieces

2 calabasas (green zucchini or yellow squash)

1 onion (½ sliced and ½ chopped)

4 carrots (sliced) or 20 baby carrots

3 ears of corn (each ear should be sectioned in 3’s)

4 potatoes cleaned and peeled (your choice)

3 chayote (optional)

2 whole cloves of garlic

1 bunch of cilantro (chopped)

2 tbsp of oregano (crushed)

1 bay leaf


Salt to taste


  1. If using a whole chicken, skin the bird and remove any excess fat and connective tissue. If using chicken pieces, do the same if the skin is still attached. Cut into pieces with the whole chicken: Legs, thighs, breast, wings etc …
  1.  Place chicken pieces in a dutch oven or large olla (pot) with whole garlic cloves and bay leaf. Pour water over pieces to cover but not fill the entire pot. Add salt and place on the stove at a simmering flame for 1 hour, stirring every 15 mins, covered. Always check to make sure that there is no over-boiling. 
  1. During this time, cut carrots, squash, ½ onion and the chayote into large but eatable cuts to be ready when the chicken broth is done boiling and reducing. 
  1. Turn off the heat and let sit for 15 mins. Skim all fat and scum that is floating at the top of the broth using a ladle. Add more water. This depends on how large your pot is. Remember to leave room for the veggies!
  1. Salt more to taste and add in the oregano, half the bunch of cilantro, onion, carrots, potatoes and corn. Leave the squash for 15 mins of the end of boiling as it will cook faster. 
  1. Allow to simmer for 1-hour and add zucchini. Allow to cook for another 10-15 mins.. Serve with fresh chopped onion and remaining cilantro and fresh limes. Warm up some tortillas and enjoy it with your family and friends!
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