Electric Dreams. A NO BS review #ElectricDreams

I tweetstormed this review after TV binging..
Electric Dreams. A NO BS review
1/8 I like sci fi. Movie pick? hm, Mr. Nobody. I watched 5 epis of #ElectricDreams I had no good/bad expect. ‘Uh oh’ in open montage.Fancy schmancy,bad! Twilight Zone opening = ordinary stuff/strange setting, disorienting.Imagination works, scary, great!
2/8 SciFi tv/movies are difficult to pull off. Audience is unforgiving. little mistakes = bad apple/ruins bunch.sci fi viewers want their mind to get activated, hence, 1st cut blade runner was horrible cos narration cheated the viewer.
3/8 opening montage cheats like that, producers to viewer: “here’s an excess of color saturated imagery, idiot”
4/8 show is anthology, bound in 50s noir.Lots of SciFi has done this well cos = eternally human story/characters and ‘un-fixing’ them in time. Example of good: Star trek/Frank gorshin/black&white. Elec dreams fails. Producers too writers:”do that also”
5/8 each episode =lot of filler, visuals that waste viewer time. Silence can mean something!….but it can’t be ‘just’ be silence or just $ set. Example of when it works. Matrix, Neo hacking on comp, door knock. So much happening in viewer mind between cuts
6/8 seems obliged to have to bang the ‘future is grim’ & ‘dystopia’ sci find genre. Good sci find isn’t obliged to ‘humankind should just give up, it doesn’t get any better’ stories. Good Scifi = uplifting (usually) because we survive, despite obstacles we endure!
7/8 (Screenshot. For those that don’t speak twitter, 7/x means at the time I was writing the tweetstorm I didn’t know how many tweets I would have on this thread)
8/8 back to my review of #ElectricDreams I’ve now seen all of them so you don’t have to… Ending my review with my sense of they whole thing. Show says nothing…Ok…But it’s not entertaining. It’s a chore. Wen u wash dishes = clean ‘i did it’ >this show has no payoff

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