Joshua Y. Lee – USC and UCLA gradudate and Inspired Community Supporter finds an Acquisition for Ardius

Joshua Lee is known for being the Co-Founder & CEO at Ardius and also a inspired giver. Joshua believes in giving back to the local community. Ardius’ primary technology was made for the CARES Act. Many worried entrepreneurs were concerned about keeping key staff. Therefore, they approached Mr. Lee early in 2020.

Joshua Lee had been trying to find ways to help the greater community through the lockdown. To this end, Mr. Lee focused on making a difference for start-ups in particular need. Helping start-ups has always been Joshua’s forte. But he has become laser-focused on those at-risk businesses.

Lee waved sign-up fees for needy companies. Then, he turned his business interests into purchasing products from customers they helped. And turned around and donated those same products to start-ups most in need. He was buying from one customer trying to survive and donating to another trying to do the same.

He also initiated fee deferrals. Until companies received offset funds from the CARES or Paycheck Protection Program. In these ways, Joshua was able to help several struggling businesses. It allowed them to stay afloat through the worst of the crisis. He truly is an inspired giver.

Gusto, another company that gives back to the community, acquired Ardius. They announced it to staff and others on June 17. Joshua is stating with Gusto for the foreseeable future. Lee and his team are allowed to work independently.

Joshua seems to be always landing on his feet. And the above transition into Gusto is no different.

Who is Inspired Giver, Joshua Y. Lee?

Joshua Y Lee, Giver, Husband, Father
Joshua Lee, Giver, Husband, Father

He calls himself an entrepreneur and an investor. Lee lives Orange County and grew up in Cerritos. He graduated from Whitney High School. Then he went to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). There he joined The Navigators.

The Navigators help people grow in their relationship with Jesus. Their mission, “To know Christ, make Him known, and help others do the same®.” It helped him extend his altruistic spirit into his future business dealings.

While at UCLA, Joshua Lee majored in Business-Economics, with a minor in Accounting. In 2000, Lee went to the University of Southern California. He obtained his Masters’s in Business (Taxation).

Joshua Y. Lee is a start-up helper. He specializes in helping start-ups get on their feet. Joshua used his understanding of financial and tax considerations. Lee started several projects and funds that went global.

Joshua is very successful in helping businesses regain their Research & Development investments. Through tax filings with the Internal Revenue Service. No dought, they view him with an unhappy frown each time they have to write a check to a start-up he helped.

Joshua is married with three children, a boy, and two girls. He is heavily involved in Christian and charity works. He also makes time to enjoy outdoor activities, sports, games, and musical events.

Entrepreneur and Investor
Inspired Giver and Community Supporter

Into the Future for Mr. Joshua Lee

Joshua Lee says he wants to partner with companies in specific business sectors. His interests include mobile, specialty internet providers, and gaming entertainment.

His expertise in Research & Development and Technology will help him. It should allow him to gain a secure footing in any industry he wishes. Lee’s primary ability to align tax and business strategies together will see him well.

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Josh and his family
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