Letter From the Editor: Megan Cansino; The Relaunch

I am so proud to announce the relaunch of the Los Angeles Journal. As started in 2005, we have worked diligently on  making sure that this publication is representative of what and who–or whom– Los Angeles is, as well as the greater Southern California communities. We have amazing notable content writers; Megan Lucia Cansino, Chris Fisher, Savannah Manhattan, Ricardo Lara Nava, Joseph Ngo and Irving Napanta. The Los Angeles Journal could have never made it this far without them. We are a team of writing artists, editors, photography and videography. We represent L.A. and the vast amount of California. With our expertise, we are able to convey exactly what our region in the United States is, beauty and diversity. The representation is even furthered by the difference of the lively-hood and colorful LAJ Team. We understand the weight that the history of Los Angeles has, not just in California, but the world. As a complete digital magazine, at the Los Angeles Journal we have been able to reach out internationally with a correct representation of L.A..This relaunch has been one with the true “grind” mentality that L.A. has always had.. I will commend our founder, Arnel Guiang, for believing in this relaunch and the stories of Los Angeles. We are dedicated. We are strong. We are the Los Angeles Journal.

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