My lessons from a too long run

These are my lessons learned from enduring a to-do list item that finally made it’s way to the top of a pile.
There are so many things that I have wanted to do but neglected. If the Blade Runner speach by Batty on the roof was attraction, mine was repulsion. I have not seen enough. I have been too busy working, which I enjoy, and entertaining my smartphone.
I was always in Ziggy’s band.
After getting into ridicously good shape I needed a finale that put all of my hard work over a year into a someting grand that would mark a mission accomplished.
Yo, I’m making short term goals, when the weather foldsJust put away the leathers and put ice on the gold
My coach encouraged me to particpate in a grueling relay. Long letter home edited down to a postcard: I did the relay, 138 mile run over 17 days of running (there were days of recuperating not included and the run was logged by minutes)
It is easier said then done. It was a theory that I never should have attempted to prove.
It was a run (which i did), biking and rock climb.
I came home last week from the three different legs of the relay run. Some parts of it were virtual, that is they could be run, or completed away from the other entrants.
[From the comedy the Dictator with Ali G: Aladeen, the dictator, rewrote the language so his name means both “positive” and “negative”] Doctor: Do you want the Aladeen news or the Aladeen news?
Doctor: Patient: The Aladeen news…
Doctor: You’re HIV – Aladeen
Here’s the Aladeen news: some things should remain undone.
All of this is my own personal insight. It is a sample size of one.
The idea of doing something was more romantic than the satisfaction of the check mark on the bucket list.
(From the TV comedy show Taxi)
Burns: Do you like to hear things lily gilded, or straight between the eyes?
Caruthers: Gilded – you see, we’ve always tried to instill in our daughter the good grace to conceal virtually everything from us.
I’ll keep most of the emotional and physical consequences respectfully gilded…
My joints are aching. My entire body hurts. My hips and feet are in agony. I have had neausea for days and I got a horrible cold and blahness (incidentally, blahness is not an acceptable scrabble word)
There are my lessons learned and I write this to memorialize them for myself, better educate the younger Adam and inform the ghost of Adam future.
If there is some google sized snippet of value to you from my writing, that makes me a little bit happier.
Not being around social media, emails, a tv, smartphone is awesome.
I despised being alone with myself until i didn’t.
Let rough times and nasty thoughts work their way through like a traffic jam.
Many people need to be deciphered with a Turing machine. I’m just not good at those people and I should stay away.
Warm regards to me and whoever might find this post

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