No BS review. Get me Roger Stone

Politics is a nasty business, there are a lot of ethical and moral compromises to win, and more to stay ‘won’.
A No BS review. Get me Roger Stone
I don’t have a complicated system for reviewing movies, either I liked something or I didn’t. There’s also this middle ground that I call ‘whatev’.
I liked Get Me Roger Stone. If you take away the political spectacles, it’s a movie about a failed person, somebody who finds a way to sabotage himself when the opportunity arises. He also finds clever ways to sabotage others, cos misery loves company.
The documentary presents him as this Republican phenom of political mischief, a character he clearly enjoys, but the movie’s talking heads find no equivalence on the ‘Dem’ side. And, that’s something else I like about the movie, if you are looking for a villain to hate and love, then the movie is that, if you’re looking for something to clutch your pearls about, it is that also.
I give it a SEE IT

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