No BS review. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a new show on Netflix.
It divides the world into two types of people. Those who love the show and the people who don’t love the show but love the people that love the show.
I am in that last type.
It’s a great show and all of its components are well done. Acting, script, direction. It’s polished.
Yet for me, the sum of its parts isnt a perfect show. I have a refined and high brow sensibilities in my superhero television shows. I want explosions and chases. I also must insist on some time travelling conundrums.
The Ying to my Yang loves the show and her tastes are crude. She is suckered by plot and characters and continuity. But, I love her.
Ying loves the show and I watch it with her becasue that is the truest display of love. And if ever we get into an argument I can scream “I sat there and binge watched Jessica Jones for you”
Jessica Jones. A NO BS review
If you’re that type of person that likes superhero shows with nada explosions and car chases and no witty sexually charged banter between men with tights AND you like strong female characters and good writing, acting and scenes thru-out New York City, this is your must see television show.
And, if you’re the type of person that loves someone who loves the show but you don’t love it, I feel your pain. We should start a supoort group.

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