Starting. Twitter Post Mortem

Twitter is a great product, terrible stock.
As an investor I don’t try and force agreement on the left and right lobes of my brain.
( I wrote about this before the Twitter IPO, Twitter Buyer Beware )
Is it to early to begin the post mortem of Twitter. Is it impolite, must we wait for rigor mortis, last rights and a proper burial?
I think if we are cruel and can tolerate a little complaining from the unwilling almost cadaver, we can start tearing twitter apart.
There are many places in the Twitter body for the first incision to be made. If we are trying to determine the cause of death, the trauma that likely caused its operations to cease, we have several recent injuries that offer clues.
Enlisting board members that don’t tweet. Smart people, but they aren’t tweeters, they don’t use the product. They may understand operations and leverage, network effects and theory, they don’t tweet, period. They designed a house for someone else to live in.
Closing up the JSON endpoint API. This is a drastic move and twitter does not have the leverage to remedy the hurt feelings and developer migration. Twitter cannot just change their mind if this tactic to breed new buyers doesn’t work.This just adds another hole for the mole to pop out of.
These notes on the toe tag.
People are no longer awed by companies worth billions of dollars. A billion seems so ordinary today.
I like Twitter moments but it is not a lure for new users. Since I found it on an update, I have gone there maybe 4 times

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